About The Passport Abuser
Hey ladies!! Thanks so much for dropping by and checking out my site. I'm Shakeemah, ( you can call me "Keem") but my family began affectionately calling me “The Passport Abuser” because I spent more time around the world than at home. I'm the oldest of six children, born and raised in East Orange, NJ, and I have a Master of Arts Degree in Public Policy from Montclair State University. My biggest accomplishment to date, is that I've traveled to 57+  countries as a female solo traveler. 

Traveling the world and empowering women is the intersection that sets my heart on fire the most, and it's my life's purpose to empower and educate women to travel the world.

I started my solo travel journey after what I'd consider (and I'm sure my entire family too lol) the worst breakup of my life. I pretty much felt alone, and between a broken heart, envious girlfriends, and fair weathered friends who always backed out on travel plans, I decided that it was time for me to take matters into my own hands. My first solo trip ever was to Paris, and that's where I gained my "wings" so to speak. Country #1 solo ultimately turned into country #57 and it was off to the races from there. 

In 2015, I created my six week online course, "Travel Like A Bawse", which teaches women how to master solo travel safely, confidently, and without draining their bank account. I created this course with the 2012 version of me in mind, and I wanted to ensure that women around the world could begin their solo travel journey with confidence, MINUS all the mistakes I made when I first got started. Therefore, everything that it took me eight years and 57 countries to learn, my students learn in just SIX WEEKS!! In addition to the six week course, I also offer weekly private coaching calls, and access to an exclusive community of women who have also just begun their solo travel journey who are also cheering you on as you start your journey. The perfect combination of my online course, private weekly coaching from me, plus the support of a community is what will accelerate your success in becoming a true wanderlust. 

To date, "Travel Like A Bawse" has helped 400 women in 11 different countries and been featured in Forbes, USA Today, Business Insider, Pop Sugar, and  XoNecole.
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