My Top Four Countries For Solo Travel Beginners To Visit
Written by Travel Like A Bawse on November 11, 2018
So, I’ve been to 45 countries so far!! And yes, it’s been a ride!! Although each country has provided me with such unique experiences, there are a few countries that took a little getting used to and may be a bit hard for a beginner solo traveler to navigate. To help kick start your globetrotting journey, I’ve provided a list of four  countries that are easy for a novice solo travel to navigate around, visit famous attractions, and also feel super safe!!

Paris, France

So of course, I’m gonna start the article off recommending my favorite city in the world. PARIS!!!! There is just no other city like it. I’ll let you in on a little secret. Paris was the first country I solo traveled to. Safe to say that starting my solo journey in Paris, gave me the confidence to go from country #1 to country #45 relatively quickly. I recommend flying into CDG airport when arriving in Paris. Also, for safety reasons, DO NOT accept any transportation services from ANYONE besides the official airport taxi kiosk. Haven’t we all seen the movie Taken? As far as hotel or Air B n B, I definitely recommend staying in the 16th Arrondissement. 

Here’s the Air B n B I recommend. It was super safe and right near Champ Elyses. The Air B n B was located in a super Safe building that was well lit and very quiet. So if you’re traveling solo as I do, you’ll definitely feel safe. The apartment also came with a balcony, as well as a washer and dryer which is PERFECT for travelers. 

The 16th district also has hookah lounges. I’ve been to several hookah lounges and here’s the one I have the MOST fun at!!! Chez Maram is the BEST!! The staff is great, they let you play your own music if it’s not too busy!! They have WIFI that’s strong, and you can really sit in their with your laptop and just chill and smoke. Plus, the best part is.... THEY SPEAK ENGLISH!!!

The 16th district offers amazing views of the Eiffel are super amazing, and most importantly I felt VERY safe. There were so many tourist that walked the streets that I definitely felt safe as I walked the streets at night. If you’re looking for a city that allows you to safely tour, enjoy beautiful views, and comes with a nice vibe, Paris is a great place to start. 

Prague, Czech Republic 

OMG!!!! Prague felt like “Little Paris” to me. I absolutely loved it. I stayed in the Old Town Section of Prague. The views of the astronomical clock and the cathedral were absolutely amazing. I had the time of my life!! I walked along the Charles Bridge, which is reminiscent of the Sienna River in Paris. I walked to John Lennon Wall, and even spray painted my mom’s name on the wall. I felt super safe in Prague, and literally walked the streets until 2 AM, as I visited clubs, and hookah lounges alone. They also had a ZARA store there, so I was super happy about that!!! Check out my lovely Air B N B!! You guys this place was amazing!! The hosts were beautiful and this was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever stayed at ever. The hosts messaged me each day to ensure I was okay, as they knew I was traveling solo. And the place had the most incredible view ever!! I’m 

Phuket, Thailand

THAILAND!!!!! You have a special place in my heart!!!!!!!! I stayed in Phuket near Bangla Road, and had the TIME OF MY LIFE! Im very big on SAFETY!!!! And Phuket is the only city that I’ve ever been to that I allowed myself to feel comfortable enough to have several drinks at night and walk myself back to the hotel room. But please don’t drink and walk. I took a day trip to Phi Phi islands, I went parasailing, received a Thai massage, and had some of the BEST food and FRESHEST SEAFOOD in my life!! It was definitely fun and super safe for me!!

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is the one of the most exotic, and relaxing places I’ve ever been in my life!! The people there are so friendly and peaceful. Being in Bali is so tranquil. From views of rice paddies, taking flower baths, chasing waterfalls, and being pampered by a personal butler. I also visited the monkey forest and the elephant sanctuary while there. Bali is definitely a wonderful and safe place for a solo travel beginner to get started. 

My Experience in South Africa- Going to Nelson Mandela’s House and Meeting a Zulu Warrior 
Written by Travel Like A Bawse  on May 12, 2019
I always wanted to go to South Africa and I did it!! AND SOLO!!!I It’s always been a dream of mine to be able to visit Nelson Mandela’s home. Nelson Mandela changed the political climate of Johannesburg, and history!! To be able to visit his home was unreal. I paid for a tour on TripAdvisor with a company called “Stephenson Tours” and transportation and a meal was included. It felt like a dream to walk into Nelson Mandela’s home. In fact, there were still bullet holes in the home from when police would shoot at it. Upon walking through the home, I observed that the home was a small flat with three rooms total. There was also no stove, or running water. While walking around the home, I observed pictures of the entire Mandela family on the walls. Visitors were also given educational information from a designated tour guide. I learned that Winnie and Nelson Mandela were only married for roughly two years before he was arrested. I also learned that Nelson Mandela was in prison for twenty seven years. Another interesting fact I learned was that when Nelson was released, he lived in his home for 11 days before he moved due to media attention and safety concerns. After leaving Mandela’s home, I was driven by my tour guide to the Mandela family’s new home; which was right around the corner from the family’s old home on Vilakazie St in Soweto. 

One of the most amazing experiences I had in Johannesburg was also meeting with a Zulu Warrior. I decided to go on a cultural tour and experience was real life was like within the tribe. The women and men of the tribe welcomed me with open arms, and even allowed me to dress like them. I learned that the single women in the tribe wear a clay pot on their head as a sign of being single, while the married women wear a leather cowhide skirt to signify that they are married. I felt very connected to the Zulu Tribe and their customs. It was definitely an unforgettable experience.  

While in Jo’Burg, I enjoyed hanging out in Soweto, I felt very connected to the overall culture of the city, and enjoyed walking in the parkhurst section of Jo’Burg.

The last experience I had in Johannesburg, was going to the Apartheid Museum. The museum experience was bitter. There was even a different entrance for Blacks versus Whites. While walking through the museum and looking at different exhibitions, artifacts, and videos it was very hard to stomach the harsh consequences that Apartheid had on the Black citizens of apartheid. Although I was happy to enter the museum overall and receive education of the subject, I probably would not return to the museum. When leaving the museum, there were pillars displayed which depicted inspiring words such as “Responsibility” and ‘“Determination”.

 Also, after leaving the museum, I visited an amusement park directly across the street. Another thing I loved in Johannesburg was that the activities were very cheap. In America, I pay about $35 USD to smoke hookah. In Jo’Burg, I paid 100 South African Rand ($8 USD) to smoke hookah and have a drink. Getting food was also equally cheap and never costed more than 200 South African Rand, even if I had a drink.

All in all, I enjoyed myself in South Africa so much, that I actually started looking for an apartment there!! I definitely can’t wait to visit South Africa again.

Written by Travel Like A Bawse on June 16th, 2019
 So let’s talk about how I absolutely had the freaking time of my life in Zambia!!!!!!! So I initially went to Zambia to volunteer at an orphanage called “Linda West Primary School”. I had the time of my life helping this children, participating in school activities, and I even donated several tablets to the children and sponsored a few while i was there. To learn more about how you can volunteer, visit here.  

Besides volunteering at the orphanage, I did the unthinkable!!! I walked A CHEETAH AND A PRIDE OF LIONS!!! I was so afraid at first, but I did it!! So now here’s the tea, the cheetahs are refugees after coming onto the property lost. They are NOT drugged in any way. The lions are also refugee lions and are not drugged. To check out the videos of my lion experience click here!!! If you want to do the tour, please hit up Mukuni Big Five for the tour they are amazing and will make you feel super comfortable doing the walk.

So let’s talk about where to stay, I absolutely loved Avani Resort. Zebras roam the property FREE and CLEAR!!! IT WAS THE BEST THING TO WAKE UP TO!! They also have giraffes on the premises. Imagine waking up and a zebra and a giraffe leisurely walking by!! Check out the video here!! When you get to Avani Resort, tip Salina at the front desk, and she’ll make sure you get all the pics you need!! 

Let’s talk about transportation!!! My personal driver. Patrick was so super BOMB!!!! He was absolutely amazing!! Check up his Whats App number is +260 97 4715465. He literally drove me everywhere and I felt super safe as a solo traveler!!!! Hit up Patrick and tell him I sent you!!!

Once you meet up with Patrick, have him to take you to the Zimbabwe border, which is a ten minute drive from Livingstone, Zambia. Make sure you purchase a $50 UNIVISA at the airport, which is the visa that would cover your visa for both Zambia and Zimbabwe. Make sure you take your passport with you each time you go over the border as you can’t cross the border without it. Another pointer, the border closes at 10:30 P.M. so if you choose to hang out in Zimbabwe and get hella tipsy, make sure you get back to the border by 9 P.M. to make sure you dont get stranded on the Zimbabwe side of the border!!

Zambia was the best time ever and I cant wait to go back!!!!